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  • Save our Monroe County Hospital!

    Save our Monroe County Hospital!

    The County Commission has voted to close the Monroe County Hospital! That means the end of emergency care in our community. Emergency care is critical not only to the health of our community but to recruiting new jobs and industry. Voting to save the Hospital on March 21st is vital to the future...

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  • Fluoride in water

    Fluoride in water

                    Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance found in groundwater and has been the topic of many debates about whether it is beneficial or harmful. The reason this discussion is so popular is due to the fact that...

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  • Say yes to fluoride

    Say yes to fluoride

    Fluoride is key to preventing cavities. By allowing fluoride to be put into drinking water it drastically reduces the amount of cavities a person obtains. One published study showed that teeth without fluoride gained three times as many cavities as teeth with fluoride! In another study with 64 people...

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  • Should fluoride be in drinking water?

    Should fluoride be in drinking water?

    The documentary above shows the side of fluoride being "poison on tap". They see that it can become acidic to many materails. My biology class at my community college are using petitions on our opinions on fluoride in water.. if it's good or bad. Fluoride is shown to have some good affects but there...

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  • changing oxymorphone substance

    changing oxymorphone substance

    this petition is to change the current material used to make oxymorphone pills back to its original, crushable state. Endo pharmaceuticals made opana pills out of a hardened, gel-like substance in an attempt to stop drug addicts to stop in using them intravenously. However, people have found a way to...

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  • Save Your Pearly Whites!

    Save Your Pearly Whites!

    There has been a recent argument if Fluoride in drinking water can help decrease the amount of tooth decay. When you go to the dentist, you typically get a Fluoride treatment, but that is only once every 6 months. I feel our teeth need more exposure to Fluoride than just twice a year at the...

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  • Petition for fluoride not to be in drinking water:

    Petition for fluoride not to be in drinking water:

    Although fluoride CAN have SOME benefits to our bodies.. they can have bad ones to! Drinking regular without fluoride is just as good and reduces the chance of getting sick and other things that can be negative to our bodies. People react differently!

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  • Against AOA's OCC or Osteopathic Recert Board exams

    Against AOA's OCC or Osteopathic Recert Board exams

    Update: Consider applying for continued board certification from the National Board of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons at , which is a Non-Profit organization, as with A PLEDGE OF NON-COMPLIANCE WITH AOA's OSTEOPATHIC CONTINUOUS CERTIFICATION (OCC) :&...

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  • Implement Paid Family Leave and Medical Insurance

    Implement Paid Family Leave and Medical Insurance

    The Task: To convince lawmakers in more states to enforce The Paid Family Leave and Medical Insurance act to assist families when they experience unexpected life and family stress.The Issue: Many people face unplanned life stress and are vulnerable to the unexpected concerns they face in life. These...

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  • We are in favour of introducing 'Orkambi'

    We are in favour of introducing 'Orkambi'

    There is a ground-breaking Cystic Fibrosis drug called Orkambi now available.However,in Ireland,the HSE look set to reject the use of the drug arguing it would not be value for money.The government must realise that people's lives should never come with a price tag.The HSE are said to be in negotiations...

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  • Improve Water Pipe Infrastructure

    Improve Water Pipe Infrastructure

    This petition is to encourage individual cities to take the initiative and improve their cities water pipe infrastructure. We are aware that most of the pipe infrastructure is outdated which causes corrosion and water pollution. We would like the Minnesota Department of Health to encourage cities to...

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  • Do you think photo-shopped images should be banned from magazines?

    Do you think photo-shopped images should be banned...

    do you think we should ban photo-shopped images? If you think we should ban magazines using photo-shopped images, please sign our petition, will be very appreciated. Thank you. 

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  • Long Islanders - Keep Kids Safe - Make sure our schools hire LICENSED Plumbers

    Long Islanders - Keep Kids Safe - Make sure our schools...

    Did you know that when gas pipe work needs to be installed or fixed in your children's school the plumber doing that work does not need to have a license? You think how can that be, but it is true. Since 2010, PCALI has been working on the issue of unlicensed plumbers being able to do work in our schools...

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  • CBD Hemp Oil

    CBD Hemp Oil

    Cannabidiols have some potential medicinal benefits and it could have other health advantages. (Also take a look at our Ultimate Resource Page for Cannabidiol ). Out of all the cannabinoids in marijuana, cannabidiol (or CBD) has change into one of the most sought after compounds as a result of its superior...

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  • Stop Smoking on LMU Campus

    Stop Smoking on LMU Campus

    We, the undersigned, object to LMU’s current policy of allowing smoking on campus. Smoking areas are not separately ventilated and enclosed, and non-smokers are exposed to the cancer causing smoke. Secondhand smoke is a health hazard to all students, faculty, and visitors on LMU’s campus...

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  • Smoke Free Cottages

    Smoke Free Cottages

    This petition aims to protect the health and safety of our families and the investment of our properties in The Cottages in Orange. The Crawford Hills Home Owners Association  has been unable to resolve a nusuance issue with a Cottages rental property in which the tenants chain smoke, causing toxic...

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  • Save people of Thar

    Save people of Thar

    Since the last few years, the local media has focused its attention on infant mortality inTharparkar district. There have been many write-ups on the subject. Among the most highlighted causes is malnutrition. Malnutrition is affecting mothers morethan infants, as mothers breastfeed for up to six months...

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  • Save lives in Belfast - heighten the railings on the Divis/Westlink Bridge

    Save lives in Belfast - heighten the railings on the...

    Once again, we are upset and numbed to be talking about another young person who has lost their life jumping from the Divis/Westlink Bridge.We feel compelled to ask for your support in making this Bridge harder, if not impossible, to climb over. A few seconds hindrance and delay may give the poor souls...

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  • Please keep both Mint and Coconut Macaroon SW HiFi bars!

    Please keep both Mint and Coconut Macaroon SW HiFi...

    Hi everyone, I've created this petition after have being told by my Consultant that there is going to be a poll asking if we want to keep Mint OR Macaroon hifi bars. Since in my group pretty much everyone gets anxious about them coming back I was wondering if other SW groups and members also...

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  • lets talk cancer

    lets talk cancer

    Raising awareness for Cancer as a prominent disease as well as informing people about the importance of being self aware of your own body and its current condition. Cancer is an ongoing and a problematic disease that affects the human population on a global scale. Highlighting the main areas of concern...

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